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In the City

City weddings,Brisbane CBD

Brisbane city & Parks

City wedding

Brisbane city CBD weddings are another great option. Iconic landmarks and memorable wining & dining spots scattered throughout Brisbane city

the choices are plentiful. These locations are very popular because of the many pros in regards to ease of transport and being centrally located.

 we’ve put together some beautiful images made in the city to get you inspired.

Story bridge  With this iconic landmark in the background setting the scene for a modern more urban feel making this a popular choice for working professionals.

Brisbane river Most CBD weddings are set on the iconic Brisbane river making this often a great location to photograph your formal and bridal photography. With access to Brisbane's botanical gardens, venues like Stanford plaza are a great example. 

Roma St parklands If you are wanting a city wedding but still want a natural backdrop Roma st parklands with its well maintained lush gardens and beautiful walking tracks is also a great option,conveniently located close to many historic wedding reception venues.

Kangaroo Point cliffs After many Brisbane CBD weddings we often travel as a bridal party to Kangaroo Point cliffs. Stunning limestone cliffs and podiums set for twilight golden hour photos with the city skyline in the background.  Wedding dress veils flowing in the wind and often wines and beers also flowing.

​    PROS

  • modern urban feel

  • iconic CBD backdrop

  • ease of transport

  • accomodation

  • centrally located for guests

  • wide array of venue choices

​    CONS

  • temperature

  • air quality

  • limited parking and cost

  • privacy

  • booking availabilities 

  • venue pricing

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