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The Perfect Timeline For Your Wedding Day


A wedding day is once in a lifetime opportunity and full of expectation, and not just from the Bride and Groom. While a wedding day is full of gorgeous journalistic moments and emotions, more often than not, these things are happening in not-so-ideal circumstances.

A scene might be badly lit, have messy backgrounds, people might be turned the wrong course, etc. We as photographers must be prepared for any situations even when everything seems it has been planned perfectly.

With numerous weddings behind an experienced wedding photographer will get the bests of the day. The emotions of the glances exchanged between the couple, the joyous laughs of the friends, the appreciating looks on the guests’ faces, the anxiety on the bride’s face, the tearful eyes of the mother, the brother running the errands and attending to the guests.

These precious moments are best captured without the knowledge of the subject- in its true naturalness as candid photography. It gives funny, best, perfect, happy and unique pictures.


Despite we want a perfect BIG DAY, most of the times the bridal couple underestimate the TIME. The time is the most important element of the day. There is a reason its been called "Wedding Day" so make it no shorter!

To have a relaxed and enjoyable day based on our experiences we at Cherry PHOTOGRAPHY , suggest to have the day spread starting with getting ready in the morning and finishing with a joyful reception in the evening. The ceremony is the best to be held somewhere around 3pm-4pm.

Getting ready – a must have

Bridal details, bouquet, wedding dress, shoes, rings, invitations, the bride getting ready, makeup and hair. Groom`s accessories, shoes, tie….him getting ready. You won`t think but to get photographed all the details and also capturing candid moments of the process itself such as girls in robe having fun, best man fixing the tie of the groom etc. need time, especially if the couple is getting ready at two different locations. Suggested time 2 hrs

Bridal portrait – highly recommended

A posed shot worthy of a fashion magazine. I can tell this is one of my favorite sessions on the wedding day and barely happens due to lack of time. This session shall be when the bride is ready and before heading to the ceremony, an intimate photo session only with her. Suggested time 30 min

First Look – emotional

A first look is a moment that we stage and set up for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. The groom would be looking away - at the wedding photographer – while the bride starts walking down towards him. She will tap his shoulder, and he will turn around and see his beautiful bride for the first time. After they have had a moment to themselves, we head to take some bride and groom portraits, then of course we take pictures with the family and the bridal party. That pretty much sets you free to relax and enjoy your wedding. This translates to having more time for those magazine bridal portraits you like, and for more candid and fun pictures with your bridal party. Suggested time 60-90 min

Ceremony – Yes I do!

Capturing the arrival of the bride (Suggested time 10-15 min) before walking down on aisle. And we are at the ceremony, how long you were waiting for this moment, so take your time, make it memorable when changing the vows, the rings and the kiss. It`s all about you two, enjoy. Suggested time 30 min

Group shots – family, friends & bridal party

The best time for group shots with family and friends is after the ceremony when everyone is there to congratulate you. Also if there was no possibility earlier for intimate shoot with the bridal party this shall be done before the reception when the guests can enjoy the canapés and drinks and we still have the perfect lights outside. Suggested time 90 min

Venue – decoration

You have planned for a long time, chosen from hundreds of ideas and set things perfectly together for the big day.

Surely you want to have memories from the beautiful table decorations, the lovely candles and flowers around, from the venue itself, from the cake and the dessert table and from all those little details of the concept. Make sure that the venue is set and ready to be photographed before open for the guests. Suggested time 30 min

Reception – finishing the day

Now that you are both married and we are done with the must have photos, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day. We will be around and capture all the candid moments of cutting the cake, your first dance. The funny speeches presented by your family and friends during the reception, having them drink and talk, laugh and cry. Suggested time 2-3 hrs

Extra time – oops, I forgot about that!

This little thing always ruin the whole time table. Make sure you have calculated and extra time for travelling between the venues, the extra time for parking, the extra time for traffic, oh and the extra time for speeches and not to mention the extra time for some rest between running from one task to another (having a breath and a drink, using the toilet etc) Suggested time 20-30 min /ea

Cherry Photography offers friendly professional service for all your Photography needs. Newborn babies,wedding journalism,bridal,family & childrens portraits.

tel :0481189442

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