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Why it's essential to hire a professional photographer for your QLD corporate events

Corporate Photography is no longer optional, or an afterthought. In fact, the quality of your event photography can make or break your event and all the corporate goals associated with it.

As event organiser, you’re in charge of planning your company’s, say, sales awards event for around 250 attendees. You have to deal with everyone from the room hire people to the catering company, the guys who supply your company banners, the flowers for the tables, the entertainment, the speakers, VIP guests, and so on.

Yours is an important role and the event is a one of a kind, so when you’re sitting down to compile your checklist, don’t forget to include a professional photographer. Why? Because it’s imperative that all the elements of the awards dinner are captured on camera.

Corporate or marketing event

If you’re planning a corporate or marketing event you should make sure professional pictures are taken of keynote speakers, VIP guests, clients sitting at tables or in the auditorium, company banners advertising your company’s products or services and anything else that shows your company’s involvement in the event.

Cherry Photography Events

In our media obsessed world, it’s no longer enough to get a colleague in the third row to snap a pic of your Managing Director standing on the podium handing out prizes with someone’s head in the shot.

As a professional photographer I spend time at the event making sure I have these all-important up-close-and-personal shots, as well as great pictures of the entertainers, the guest speakers and clients in attendance in high definition. There’ll be a lot going on, and the last thing you need to worry about is who’s getting what pictures and where.

Community or Charity event

If your company is involved in a local community event, you need to make sure you have pictures that capture the best moments so you can use them in your marketing communications, advertising and public relations campaigns.

As a professional photographer I know exactly what is required and, with a thorough brief from you, can be left to take high-quality pictures all night long while you concentrate on all of the other things that need looking after.

Cherry Photography tips for successful Event Photographs

Obviously, you need to find a professional photographer of a high enough calibre and with relevant experience to fit the bill. Your brief to the photographer should include key moments such as

  • The people on stage – speakers, entertainers, musicians and award winners

  • Clients and guests together in the event space, or seated at their tables

  • Posed groups of clients or guests, award winners, committee members, board members, CEO’s, and so on.

It’s important to see people enjoying themselves. A photograph of a team of employees, or a group of award winners not only shows that your company cares, it builds a wonderful spirit and engenders a sense of belonging in a company.

Have you noticed how most of the photographs in a company’s annual report have a certain look about them? Everyone looks smart and professional, not overly glamorous or made up but just right. A top-class corporate photographer is able to take pictures of your Managing Director and your Financial Director and make them look credible and trustworthy.

If you’ve had a company conference or a sales workshop, a group picture is a great giveaway and a terrific reminder of time spent together learning. A professional photographer can craft the story of the employees through his photographic images.

Exposure is everything!

The significance of recording the event should not be underestimated, as many of the photographs can be used as PR to help promote your company and its services in the future.

In our mass market, social media world, you need to make sure your event is publicised wherever possible. It needs to be visual, and happen as quickly as possible. Start by posting pictures on your company’s Facebook pages, blog, and website.

Then move onto offline channels including local newspapers, magazines, and any other media outlets you can source. If you don’t have photos to include, the impact will be lost. You can also use this content as a recap for your company’s clients and for those people who couldn’t attend. A great picture could make someone wish they’d attended and ensure they don’t miss the next year’s awards.

Don’t underestimate professional expertise for your event – get started.

Contact myself Jacob Cherry @

tel : 0481189442

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