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Why Event Photography coverage is so important!

Regardless of any business you are into be it be food, apparels, electronics, media etc etc .. the main focus of your company is to spread about your brand’s uniqueness, professionalism and personality to your targeted customers in order to build a brand value. In this competitive world of businesses, companies realize the importance of using an event photographer to create a solid brand value about the company as well as the employee. Event photography is most important part in branding and any new product launch…we often get amazed by watching the product launch event of Oppo, One Plus, Apple, and lot more companies.

Cherry Photography Brisbane Events

The product videos of social event photos, pictures of leaders, press release, corporate magazine, these are the promotional material for sale and literature. Event photography also helps to capture moments of company incentive program & meetings, quarterly parties, company picnic, award ceremony and lot more.

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

It also helps a lot to the entrepreneurs who has a startup business and they really have to work hard to leave a mark in this competitive world. And event photography helps a lot beautifully said.. Eye appeal is the buy appeal. It reveals to your client that you are operating with a level of professionalism and dedication to quality.

Cherry Photography Brisbane

You have one opportunity to capture your event in all of its glory, before it’s gone forever. Choosing the right photographer and ensuring they are well prepared is essential,

Check references, previous work and portfolio and ask for a quote etc..

But there are few things you should keep in mind after hiring them.

Though all events are hectic, so having a written or verbal briefing with the photographer in advance of the day always save precious time and ensure the photographer can get off to a flying start.

Make sure what kind of event photography you are looking for, stage formal shots, shots of speakers and performers in action, reportage, artistic shots of the food, venue and branding, pictures of people networking and engaging, picture of staff in engaging etc.

Briefing and preparation for the photographer is key!

If you are giving out secret award or announcement at the end of the event and need the photographer to be poised ready to capture the moment..if not forget to convey this information. Also notify attendees and let them know that photograph will be taken and what the photograph will be used for future marketing and promotion of the event.

Extra request!! Yes you ca

n always ask for a request if you need a headshot for a new member or a specific picture.

A great event photographer will stealthily capture the key moments and essence of your event. They really work hard and they barely take a break. They are on their toes to make sure that the event is reported in its full visual glory.

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Event photography is truly worth every penny.


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