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Fine Art Photography with Cherry Photography's new studio

Cherry Photography have a great deal of experience in the photography industry and have now been operating in Brisbane for the past 3 years.

We are happy to announce the opening of our studio by appointment only in Brighton, Brisbane at our lovely waterside location.

Come and see us for a free consultation.

My name is Zita Cherry and I am a specialised Fine Art Portrait photographer.

Have you ever wanted to treat yourself or your family and friends to a unforgettable gift that will hang proudly in your household. A gift that will stand the test of time and be able to pass through generation to generation.

Choose from either our Family or individual Ultimate Photography Experience. Each session is unique and tailored to all individual clients, starting from $200. Products are sold separately.

Why should I get a portrait?

What I hear too often is

"I wish I had a picture of mum before she was sick"

"We don't have a family portrait"

"My kids have moved out and I don't have pictures of them"

"My kids are growing so fast"

Take the time to create a wonderful memory and share the one thing in life we all have in common our families.

This is the ultimate and unforgettable experience. We all deserve to feel glamorous in today's hectic world with stresses in our home and work life.

It can be Classy or Fine Art, Casual or Vanity Fair Style....I will bring out the beauty we all have inside and photograph you in the best light possible.

Contact us with your enquiry for more details and consultation.

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