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In wedding photography 80% of approach is journalistic when the rest of the 20% is guided.

Being an experienced wedding photographer we like to build a good connection with our bridal couples to make sure when it comes to formal photos we will have the best of the best.

The ingredients to a good portrait include: quality of light, composition, exposure and a flattering pose. Although we all aim for more natural look, to not properly pose is similar to missing a key ingredient in your meal. Something just doesn’t look right.

Most of the time the couple would think having many different locations is the best way to get beautiful images. That is definitely not the case.

Firstly on the big day even if we can stick to the schedules we will have just enough time for a short session somewhere outdoor. In this case the most important element will be the time & light. For the best light we suggest to have the session before the sunset taking in consideration if it is a winter/summer wedding.

The next important element is the locations. Have 1 good location instead of 4 bad. It makes more sense specially when the bridal party and travelling is involved to choose one location and get the best of it.

Now that we have decided on location, we have the perfect time set we can start with the bridal formals. This is the first time that we are on our own after the ceremony, the bride, the groom and the bridal party. Finally you can enjoy the fact that you just got married and share this moment with your partner. This is what we want to reflect on each photograph.

You don't have to be a model and you don't have to pose like a Madonna. But don't be afraid to show your emotion and love to each other and let us to do the rest.

We want to create timeless images from your wedding day, to fill your album with them, to show your children and grandchildren how beautiful you both looked and how wonderful this wedding was. We want to capture all the emotions, the love between you, the laugh and the fun we had that day.

Our couples are always relaxed and they have fun when they trust us on choosing the time and location as well when they let us guide them with posing.

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