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With love from France

Savour is a decadent dessert house and patisserie that specialises in some mouth-watering French-inspired pastries.

A spacious central counter display showcases Savour’s jaw-dropping selection of sweets. Patrons can sample eclairs of all kinds and colours, but our picks would be the double-choc brownie eclair or vanilla creme with honey roasted almonds.

In addition to the eclairs, Savour also stocks moreish macarons (including special flavours such as Milo and rose and chocolate mousse), tarts and cakes, and cups of delicious, barista-made coffee.

As we`ve been living in Belgium for the past 6 years we know very well the famous french macarons :) I was lucky enough to experience also the process of making it, next to a chef in one of Belgium`s restaurants.

Savour - Westfield, Chermside

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