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Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

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How do I Avoid Common Wedding Day Disasters!

Your wedding day will be one of the most important events of your lifetime. Naturally, you want it to go perfectly! After months and even years of planning we know from experience! The last thing you want is for things to go wrong.

Taking a proactive approach to wedding planning can help you avoid extremely stressful situations. While every wedding is unique, the most common wedding day disasters are applicable to most ceremonies. Luckily, many of these mishaps can be avoided with a little preparation and planning especially with your vendors eg,Wedding Photographers,Celebrants & Venue Responsible.

Bad Weather

1) Have a backup plan for inclement weather. Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, but there’s always the risk of bad weather disrupting the ceremony.

Let's face it we live in sunny unpredictable Brisbane Qld weather can be ideal one minute the next a cyclone rolls in .

One common solution is to put up a large tented covering, or have one on hand just in case. You could also have large golf umbrellas on hand for guests in rainy weather or, if you know a cold front is coming, buy some heavy fleece blankets to pass out to guests.

Wedding day fun Cherry Photography.

Bad weather not always a disaster,makes for lovely dramatic wedding photography

  • Ask your venue if they have a backup generator on site. If a storm knocks the power out, there should be a plan in place to restore it immediately.

  • Even indoor weddings can be affected by bad weather if parking isn’t located near the venue’s entrance. Have several large umbrellas on hand and task two people in the wedding party with possible valet duties.



2) Select reliable vendors Ask friends and family for vendor recommendations rather than blindly seeking out unknown companies on your own.


Easiest way is to contact someone who works with vendors and suppliers day day in day out. We have trusted suppliers and vendors that we have hand chosen after working closely together.

contact Myself or Zita @ Cherry Photography Brisbane

Whenever you can’t get a recommendation for a needed vendor, research each company you are considering carefully before making a final decision. Look over their website and get a solid idea of what the company provides. Check their social media pages and search online for customer reviews, as well. check out what people are saying about us

  • Choosing local vendors is a good idea for several reasons – you can go talk to them in person before you hire them and, in the event they forgot something at their facility, making a quick run back won’t take them very long.

  • Ask vendors to show up 45 minutes before you actually need them. If a vendor arrives late, it could throw off your entire wedding Timeline, especially when it comes to crucial entities like the celebrant,wedding photographer the caterer or the DJ/musicians. Figure out when vendors need to begin setting up and then ask them to arrive 30 to 45 minutes before that time. That will allow plenty of time for set up and give you a small cushion of time to deal with any last minute issues.

  • Get signed contracts and receipts from the venue and vendors. Make sure a contract is drawn up and signed for each vendor you book. The contract should specify exactly who is providing the service and what that service is. Try to add a clause to contracts that allows you to terminate services before the wedding if the vendor proves unreliable. Keep receipts for down payments and any other expenses.

  • Make sure you don't run out of food. Speak with your caterer to prepare for the amount of food needed for the reception. The most important information to relay to your cater is the number of guests you're expecting and the length of the event. The number and size of food item selections also factors in. When making a final decision, always round up to avoid the embarrassing situation of running out of food.

Include options for guests with special dietary needs, like vegetarian or gluten-free food.

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This is just a few quick tips to get you started on your wedding planning.

For further help and more tips follow us on facebook or contact us @ Cherry Photography for expert but super friendly advice .

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