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Why should I get Professional Real Estate Photos done?


When selling your home, ensuring that you do everything in your power to enhance its appeal and decrease its time on the market is vital. Additional months, even weeks, on the market can drastically affect your homes selling value. This is why it’s imperative that you don’t cut corners during the process hire a photographer the investment of a few hundred dollars pays for itself 10 fold

Cherry Photography Brisbane

Gone are the days when buying a home involved a phone call to a realtor to search the, then private, database of houses on the market so that he or she could compile a list of potential homes for a client to tour in person.

The digital age social media has propelled advancements in the way that the real estate industry operates, and now buyers have access to high-quality images of houses in their price range at the simple click of a button.

You want your home to make a stunning first impression, right? Here are a few reasons why it’s essential that a professional real estate photographer shoot your home’s online photographs:

We know the market

We as Professional photographers are artists. Professional real estate photographers take photos of houses for a living, and have the knowledge and talent to effectively capture your homes most striking features.

In short: professional real estate photographers will use our firm understanding of the medium and the real estate industry to make your house look so beautiful that it can drastically reduce its time spent on the market.

We have the Equipment

If you’re a photography hobbyist thinking that you can save money by shooting the images yourself, consider the fact that real estate photography exists in a whole other ballpark that involves lots of technical equipment and expertise.

For instance, buyers are not attracted to dark spaces, so how will you combat the lack of natural light in your basement? Real estate photographers, on the other hand, come prepared to your door with lights, Photoshop proficiency, advanced lenses, and more.

The Final Product is Eye Catching

While you may presume that you possess the skills required to make your crowded bedroom look stunning, the truth is that only a professional real estate photographer knows exactly what angles, lighting setup, and in some cases, staging is necessary to make jaws drop.

Brisbane Real Estate Photography

In fact, listings that used real estate photographs taken by professionals were shown to receive a 139% increase in clicks, compared to similar listings within the same postal code.

We Handle the Technical Details

In addition to the stress real estate photographers relieve by directing the photoshoots ourselves, we can additionally handle the task of curating your listing. So instead of having to upload your photos to MLS yourself and being forced to navigate any post-production technical issues, you can instead have a trained professional handle the job for you.

Furthermore, virtual tours are an increasingly popular trade practice these days that average hobbyist photographers do not have the skills to create. These simulated tours, comprised of sequences of images, allow viewers to feel as if they are moving seamlessly throughout a house, at the click of a mouse.

Professional real estate photography is a powerful tool that is crucial for the speedy sale of any home. Although DIY-culture is increasingly popular in this day and age, leaving something as important real estate photography up to an amateur can hinder the sale of any home.

By hiring a professional real estate photographer, you can assure that your home’s finest assets will be advertised, while its less-than-stellar corners will be made to appear beautiful.

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