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Wedding Photography Locations

In this blog if you are following our series we are going to talk about how important is to choose the perfect location for your bridal photos session.

Wedding photos are the one thing that you'll have forever from the big day that you plan for so long -So you should make sure they're awesome! One thing many couples don't take the time to consider is where to have their portraits taken. As your wedding photographer, we will capture the day as it happens, but you should also think about a location that fits with your personalities, the style of your wedding and will make a beautiful backdrop. Here are some pointers on location selection for wedding photos that really stand out.

At the Beach

Beach Weddings Brisbane

If your wedding is held in Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast taking the bridal photos on the beach will not disappoint you. It's best is to find some interesting mini locations along the beach which can be a nice backdrop for your photos. Romantic or dramatic shots are all down to your particular poses when looking at the endless ocean. Weather conditions can impact what will look best on the day. Just because it’s over cast don’t avoid the beach as this is actually a prime time to shoot. Big dramatic skies work when there are lots of clouds to add texture and depth to the sky, with the soft lighting making your skin look amazing.

TIP: wear a long veil and let it play with the wind

Deep in Forest

If you want to have more colourful images which also reflects that we are living in a tropical Queensland I would definitely take into account Mount Tamborine. You can expect a company of hundreds of mosquitos but also an amazing photograph when you find the perfect spot.

Don't be afraid to go deeper in the forest, you may find some gems such as a creek or waterfall.

TIP: bring a pair of comfortable shoes for the walk.

In The City

When your wedding is held in the city and you don't have time to travel to different location for bridal shoot, the city of Brisbane can be on option. The walk path next to the Brisbane river and the view of the Story Bridge can make a spectacular backdrop for your photos.

To make the best of it, go for more urban style wedding. Many couples are taking their photos at Powerhouse too. Think brick walls, sandstone and anything with a beautiful rich texture.

The University of QLD is a perfect option in case of a rainy day.

TIP: the city can be crowded, specially on Saturdays - calculate some extra time

More urban style images at Powerhouse in Brisbane from us @

Brisbane City Kangaroo Point

The amount of time to allocate to locations is always difficult to estimate too however, give yourself, your bridal party and photographer enough time to enjoy the experience and have a bit of fun as the day goes by very quickly. Guests waiting in wedding are always a concern however is it expected to have a delay between ceremony and reception, these people are family and friends and will understand.


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