Great night @Glenn Twiddle with Georges St Pierre,Shannon Noll Love Brisbane Event Photography

Had such as great night last night. I was privileged to be the event photographer for the Glen Twiddle event held @Brisbanes Convention Centre with such distinguished guests as @Georges St Pierre @Shannol Noll,@Ian Jacobs and many more.

As Cherry Photography Brisbane grows I get to associate with some very elite and talented people. It amazing me that many of these high flying people that you expect to have inflated egos are actually inspiring people. It does not surprise me that GSP won multiple UFC titles with his work ethic and just his grounded way of thinking. I have been a fan for years and to meet the legend himself was an honor and one tick of the bucket list.

Then there was Shannon Noll, just a top bloke. time for everyone and time for a handshake and a quick beer. True Blue Ozzie hero, hat's off to you Nollsey!

If you are looking for a specialized Event Photographer please contact me or on tel:0481189442

Author :Jacob Cherry.

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