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Why Should You Invest In A Wedding Album?

Many bridal couple find themselves asking one very specific question in relation to their wedding photography needs, and that is, “Why should I buy an album?” Many couples find themselves spending thousands of dollars on a quality wedding photographer only to throw their USB of images into a drawer and never do anything with the images.

I am sure you are spending hundreds of hours organizing and choosing all the details of your wedding day to make sure everything will be perfect just like you have dreamt of. You spend on venue, catering, flowers and not to mention on the DRESS, probably even more than you wanted to. This is totally understandable as we all aim to have that one day to be beautiful and memorable. And that's why you hired a professional photographer - probably even 2 - to capture all the details and the flow of the day.

But many of us don't realize that taking the photos actually shall be to create a beautiful album afterwards. Why to have all the images stored on USB when you can have a handcrafted fine art lay flat luxury leather wedding album filled with your memories forever.

Because your wedding day likely had a storybook feeling, capture this effect by arranging your photos in an album that carries your viewer through each special moment. When browsing through the pages of a photo album, your friends and family can enjoy the story of your wedding day. Framed photos and snapshots may only provide a glimpse into one specific moment. However, an album can be arranged to provide a complete view of your special day from beginning to end.

Do you think an album cost too much? "How much did you spend on your dress"

which you will wear only ONCE. An album is what you will look at time and time again, you will get the album out and show relatives and friends. You will get it out on anniversaries and look through the pages, you will show your children and in years to come you will show your grand-children. Why the change in priorities? Why is quality important sometimes and not others? The dress is worn for a day but the images should last a lifetime!

You hired a professional to capture the moments, let them finish their job and create a beautiful album with your magical photographs.

At Cherry Photography we offer photography packages including a 11x14" luxury fine art wedding album together with 2 parent albums and a chosen 20x30" wall art.

Why choose Cherry Photography Brisbane to photography your wedding?

Simple our elegant style coupled with finest quality albums at a affordable price.

why pay $4000-6000 for a album when we offer the same Fine Art album at $1299

featuring options ranging from

  • Lay Flat Fine Art

  • Flush Mounted

  • Photo cover, classic linen, luxury leather or precious crystal cover

  • Matching presentation box

  • Parent albums ,a wonderful gift for your loved ones

  • Coating that protects against spills and stains

Visit our website for more info or see our samples in our showroom.

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