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The Wedding Cake

How do I choose the best wedding cake?

These days couples have a variety of cake styles to choose from not to mention the fact that having a "different" cake become very popular. I mean on different when the cake actually looks like unfinished, or even some of the couples like to have a real "cheese cake".

Classic multi tier Wedding Cake

The cost of a wedding cake can quickly become exorbitant. If you wish to have a complicated confectionery with several different levels, be prepared to pay the price. The more time and effort that a baker has to spend on your cake, the more it will cost you.

Taste it

It is not only about the outlook, your perfect wedding cake should taste as good as it looks. It`s time to decide on whether your cake shall be fruity or more vanilla, chocolate filling.

When there are more tires you may be able to choose to have all different fillings. Of course these days the bakers are offering hundreds of different fillings that would taste YAM.

Cake Decoration

To have a unique cake you shall not forget about the decorations too. These little details will give your wedding cake the finish look that will represent the style of the whole celebration, it should reflect the theme of the wedding day. You can choose to have on your cake a real flower or ribbons, fresh fruit and chocolate decorations, different toppers etc.

Naked Cake

Bakers these days are holding back frosting from wedding cakes for an exposed look that is popular with couples looking for a traditional wedding cake alternative.

But is this frosting-free look right for you? Despite these cakes are looking nice it is definitely a new trend and non-traditional. It would fit more for a country style wedding or t

o a casual non-traditional backyard wedding.


When choosing the size of the wedding cake according to your guests you might want to consider having desert separately too. You can have the cake as an alternative dessert which will be served to your guests after the traditional cake cutting ceremony, though if you think that would not be enough you can also have a dessert table which would cut your cost as not all the guests will be eating sweet. A nicely presented dessert table shall have different options of small treats so everyone will find the perfect choise.

Cheese Tower

The cheese tower ‘cakes’ offer an alternative to traditional options and are perfect for those looking for something a little different. Made up of a selection of local and imported gourmet cheese varieties, these towers are a unique and decadent treat. Your cheese tower ‘cake’ is certainly something guests will remember for years to come!

Take your time and feel free to browse through as many cake photos as necessary. The more you are able to look at, the better your chances of finding that cake that is just right for you.

How can I save money on my wedding day?

$$$ Money Saving Tip from Cherry Photography Brisbane.

Make sure your venue does not add on a dessert surcharge or a cake cutting surcharge.

Why pay for desert per person when you can share your wonderful cake created for your special day.

Negotiate beforehand that dessert will not be needed and definitely refuse Cake cutting surcharge, some venues will charge upwards of $15 per person just to cut your cake.

Remember cake is not everything. Your guests don't remember how great the cake tasted and you definitely don't look back and think wow how good was our cake.

Spend money elsewhere Photography, flowers and thing that matter the most family and friends.


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