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Creating the perfect wedding album

How do i create the perfect wedding album?

We're constantly talking about the must-have shots for your wedding album. But once you get all those beautiful photos back from cherry photography, there's still work to be done: Creating the perfect photo album.

“A wedding album is kind of like a wedding dress — it's meant to be enjoyed and meant to be looked at,"

And just as there's an art to capturing the wedding, there's an art to assembling the perfect wedding album.

Even tho we send you a virtual copy prior ,here are our tips to help you decide how to personalise your wedding album

Here are oup tips !!

Pick your absolute favorites

(not what you think they should be).

wedding Cherry Photography Brisbane

Think of your album as an emotional record, not a technical one. In other words, pick photos you can't live without.

I think the best albums are collections of your favorite pictures.

Not necessarily the pictures that have to go in, fillers we call them.“Sometimes it just happens to be the veil blowing in the wind or an expression on someone's face."


Let the photos speak for themselves.

“Now with the digital age you can do a lot of tricky things in laying out albums. "less is more" too many frills creates a lot of visual clutter."

letting a good photograph stand on its own and we advise you to arrange album with one or two pictures per spread.

One tip: Put a vertical image on one page and stretch a horizontal image across two pages.


Think chronologically.

Cherry Photography Brisbane 2018 weddings

In general, ceremony photos should go before reception shots or the after-party pictures, but there can be exceptions.


Have photos that represent the big ceremony moments!

Key moments like the bride or groom walking back down the aisle, the exchange of rings, the kiss and the overall theme of the ceremony are “must-have" shots. It's important to get images from this critical part of the day, so if you overlooked those items in your initial batch of favorites, go back and look for more to include.


Don't procrastinate!

There are two types of brides, The bride that orders her album right away or the bride that waits a couple years.

We at Cherry Photography deliver

images within 4 weeks of your big day and we suggest you work closely with us to complete album in this time frame.

We supply a digital preview to help with final decision.

The earlier you order though the better. “Send in your must-have shots".

Then let us draft a “dream layout" using some extra photos to help the flow.


Think about your walls too!

Wedding Prints ,albums & framed canvases Cherry Photography

The prints that you put on your mantle or wall should also be in your album.

We supply beautiful quality framed or unframed canvas options UV resistant far superior quality to your Kmart or Big W.

Pick from your favorite shots of the day, the ones you connect with most, and limit the group photos.


Thanks for reading and join our numerous other happy couples

who chose myself & Zita to share their good times and celebrate such a wonderful day

tel : 0489411842

or through contact form

or join us on facebook for more reviews

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